The answer to flawless site performance

Our automated customer eliminates the barriers to great customer experience. We find breaks in tracking and ads, uncover slow loading speed, bad mobile and big data issues on your site. Take control over your site through regular monitoring, reporting and accountability.

What's Seeker?

Seeker monitors your site providing invaluable information.

Seeker is a software suite that checks your website and ensures all of its tools are working perfectly, at all times. It acts like a real customer, opens all pages and tests core user journeys. It then analyses the data and produces reports full of detailed information, flexible data, and actionable insight.

That's great, but why use Seeker?

Client testimonials

Tag mismanagement is a common problem within the industry today and resolving this issue is often complex and time consuming.

Seeker offers clear and concise reporting that details specific platforms, tags, pages and associated variables for a client's entire site, provided at pace and scale. Enabling us to assess a client's as-is tagging situation with a high level of accuracy.

Nick Barratt - LBI Senior Analyst